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Dorothy Douglas

Vice President

A passionate and dedicated shiatsu practitioner, teacher and advocate, Dorothy has worked as a volunteer for STAA since it began in 1987.

Dorothy is one of the founders of shiatsu in Melbourne. She first experienced shiatsu while studying dance in New York in the early 80s.

"During this time I was living in very basic share accommodation and one morning woke up with a frozen shoulder which had gone into spasm and was very painful. I had very little money and was wondering how I could possibly afford physiotherapy.

"As an alternative I approached a fellow dance student who I knew to be studying a body therapy. She gave me my first shiatsu treatment and the memory of that treatment has remained with me. It affected me profoundly and connected me with what I felt was missing in my life but was unable at that time to name."

Dorothy trained at the Ohashi School in New York before returning to Melbourne and setting up practice.

In 1985 she set up the Australian Shiatsu College in partnership with Adrian Donkers. 

"We were interested in being involved in teaching a comprehensive course of high standard, which would help to establish shiatsu as a professional therapy in mainstream health, and to dispel any image of shiatsu as a hippy alternative."

Dorothy left the college in 1987 to create more time for herself and her family. Since 1995 she has practised in Croydon, Victoria, and for several years taught as a senior instructor at Shiatsu Australia.

Over the years Dorothy has worked on setting up STAA's Code of Standards & Ethics, the Continuing Professional Education program (as well as much more), and is currently focussed on the Mentoring Program and Research projects.

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0448 572 887

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