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Paul Spence


Shiatsu practitioner, meditation teacher and researcher, Paul has been involved in the shiatsu community for the past 20 years.

Paul is passionate about spreading knowledge of shiatsu to the wider community, and he would like to see STAA develop community and corporate partnerships to help facilitate this. 

As one of the co-authors on STAA’s recent peer-reviewed research paper, Paul is keen to see further research work undertaken by STAA to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the effectiveness of shiatsu. 

Paul first came to shiatsu from practising martial arts:

“My sensei suggested it would be good to learn a healing art alongside martial arts studies. After some searching, I found Nature Care College and decided to enrol in their shiatsu diploma.

"I started my studies in 1997 and began a life-changing journey into wellness and appreciation of the benefits of following the principles shiatsu is based upon.” 

Working in the funds management industry for more than 25 years, Paul has stayed involved in shiatsu via continued study and practice with his wife in her shiatsu clinic located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

In addition to shiatsu, Paul also teaches Insight Meditation classes, which serve as a support to shiatsu for his clients and the local community.

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