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The Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia is an independent body, run by members for members by way of a National Council and member input. All monies collected through fees are used solely for members and the promotion of shiatsu. The National Council is formed by members voting at the Annual General Meeting in May.

Types of Membership

There are three types of membership: Full, Associate and Student.


For practising qualified shiatsu practitioners

Education requirement is a Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies from an Australian registered training organisation (HLT50207, HLT50212, HLT52215).

Registered members must have current professional indemnity insurance and Provide First Aid qualifications, and are required to complete 20 hours of continuing education annually.

Annual fee: $225
Joining fee: $70


For individuals who are interested in and supporters of shiatsu therapy and STAA's activities.

Available to practitioners who have full registration with another association who wish to keep in contact with the shiatsu community.

Associate members are not listed as practising on our website, and are not registered with the health funds.

Annual fee: $80


For students studying the Diploma of Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies at a registered training organisation. 

Available for 2 years to cover the duration of the Diploma. If the diploma is not completed within that time, a request for an extension can be sent to STAA for up to 6 months. 

If the time required to complete is more than 6 months, a Student Renewal Application is required for another 2 years.

Fee for 2 years: $70

Benefits of Registered Membership

  • Access to professional indemnity insurance 
  • Registration with 14 health funds (for full members) to enable rebates for clients 
  • Practitioner listing by location on Find a Therapist on STAA website 
  • Member discounts for STAA events
  • Biannual magazine Pointers
  • Regular e-newsletters and email updates
  • Promotion of minimum standards for shiatsu therapists
  • Professional and personal development opportunities
  • Access to marketing brochures to support promotion of shiatsu and their practice

Code of Standards & Ethics

The STAA Code of Standards and Ethics covers:

  • Duty of care
  • Professional conduct
  • Hygiene
  • Confidentiality
  • Patient records
  • Advertising
  • Stationery
  • Breach of Code of Standards and Ethics.

Members are required to sign a declaration that they will comply with the Code.

Continuing Professional and Education 

Registered members of STAA must complete a minimum of 20 hours of Continued Professional & Education (CPE) activities annually. All CPE activities must be directly related to the development of clinical competence and professionalism in shiatsu, or related areas such as TCM, oriental therapies, counselling skills, business management and development in the running of a shiatsu practice.

Registered Membership Procedure

Complete the online application and email copies of the following documents to enquiries@staa.org.au

1  Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies HLT50207, HLT50212 or HLT52215*

2  Academic transcript

3  Current Senior First Aid/Level 2 First Aid (Provide First Aid)

4  Professional indemnity insurance (if available, see Registered Membership Procedure below)

* Note: From 1 February 2012, HLT50207 is the minimum qualification required for new registered members. If you have a different shiatsu qualification, you will need to get verification from a registered training organisation that your qualification is equivalent to the current diploma. If you have been a registered (full) member within the past 3 years, you may be able to rejoin upon completion of CPE requirements (contact the office for more information).

1  Acceptance confirmation

On receipt of the above documents and membership application, you will be notified by mail or email of your acceptance to STAA and issued with a provisional membership number. Your application should be processed within 14 days. With this number you will be able to apply for professional indemnity insurance. You can obtain professional indemnity insurance from any insurer. We will give you contact details for Arthur J Gallagher Insurance Brokers who are natural therapy specialists.

2  Professional indemnity insurance

  • Send insurance application form with payment to insurance broker - a minimum of $1,000,000* cover is required. 
  • You will be issued with a certificate of currency stating the period of insurance and coverage
  • Forward a copy of your certificate of currency to the STAA office to activate your registered membership.

Your membership is not active until all documents are received and processed at the STAA office.

* From 30 June 2017 Bupa require providers to have $2,000,000 professional indemnity insurance cover.

3  Welcome Pack

Upon receipt of your insurance document, we send you a Welcome Pack which includes:

  • Certificate of membership and membership card
  • CPE information
  • Health fund rebate registration information
  • Pointers magazine
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