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    • 21/09/2022
    • 19/10/2022
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    "When the breath is unsteady, all is unsteady; when the breath is still; all is still. Control the breath carefully. Inhalation gives strength and a controlled body; retention gives steadiness of mind and longevity; exhalation purifies body and spirit." – Goraksha Satakam

    As we re-emerge from the stresses and uncertainty of the last few years, breath work and respiratory awareness is integral for us to regain our strength, steadiness and vitality. 

    This intensive course with Linda Rago will provide you with:

    • Respiratory theory, detailed anatomical explanations and relationship to meridian systems
    • Practical applications of the theory 
    • Connection and the opportunity for exchange with other practitioners
    • Opportunities for extended course work and a supervised study group 
    • 10 CPE points for online course work with a certificate of course work and attendance

    A brief summary of weekly sessions includes:

    • Week 1: A respiratory overhaul, an anatomical guide, the big influencers and some personal practices for the therapist
    • Week 2: Respiration with a focus on the lung/large intestine and kidney/bladder meridians, the bowel and investigation into the relationship between the diaphragm and pelvic floor
    • Week 3: Respiration with respect to the liver/gallbladder and stomach/spleen meridians
    • Week 4: Heart health and breathing
    • Week 5: Integrating breath as a focus in a shiatsu treatment

    Linda specialises in the biomechanics, neuromuscular, biochemical and psycho-physiological aspects of breathing, and is passionate about empowering and educating.  

    Linda will offer with this course a unique combination of theory, practice and group support, enabling those who attend to be confident in integrating respiratory practices into their treatments. 

    Hope to see you there!

    Linda Rago

    Linda holds Diplomas of Meiso Shiatsu & Okido Yoga - Practitioner and Instructor levels (Libera University Okido Mikko Yoga, Italy), a Diploma of Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies (East West College), a BBus Comm, Integrative Breathing Practitioner Levels 1 & 2, Okido Yoga Life Training and various certificates in aged care.

    Her postgraduate studies have been focused on the bio mechanics, neuromuscular, biochemical and psycho-physiological aspects of breathing.

    Linda operates two clinics in Queensland, one at North Stradbroke Island and the other in Stanthorpe. She is a past President of STAA and is a current National Council member.

Past events

10/07/2022 The first Jing cycle of our lives
29/05/2022 STAA Annual General Meeting 2022
08/05/2022 Okido Yoga for Mothers Day
23/03/2022 Long Distance Healing and the 5 Elements
27/02/2022 Okido Yoga for Late Summer/Earth Element
08/12/2021 End of year get together for STAA members
28/11/2021 Therapeutic Presence - In person and distance healing
24/10/2021 Healing with Macrobiotics and Shiatsu
20/10/2021 Q&A forum for STAA members
26/09/2021 Okido for Spring - Blossom and grow
29/08/2021 Empowering the lungs
25/07/2021 Okido for Winter
25/06/2021 Sandra's Farewell Zoom Party
18/04/2021 Okido for Autumn
21/03/2021 Victorian shiatsu community swap & learn
14/03/2021 A Therapeutic Understanding of Nerve Glides
24/02/2021 Supervision sessions with Joanne Hafey - Free Q&A/info webinar
07/02/2021 Summer Shiatsu Mini-retreat
17/01/2021 The Feeling of Shiatsu
15/11/2020 Direct moxa for self-care
18/10/2020 Exploring loneliness & how we can use our experience to engage with clients
20/09/2020 Spring Community Workshop & Get-together
16/08/2020 5 Breathing Techniques to offer your clients during COVID
26/07/2020 Long Distance Healing & Shiatsu Therapy - An Overview
29/05/2020 Bringing Power, Joy & Rhythm to the Heart ~ 2020 STAA Conference
24/05/2019 Empower & Engage with Shiatsu ~ 2019 STAA Conference
25/08/2018 Application of mindfulness to shiatsu and your daily life
27/05/2018 STAA Annual General Meeting
15/09/2017 STAA Annual Retreat 2017
28/05/2017 STAA Annual General Meeting
10/09/2016 Breath as a Therapeutic Tool
19/05/2016 Integrating shiatsu into the Australian healthcare system
27/01/2016 Meridians and the Development of Movement with Bill Palmer

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