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shiatsu therapy association of australia

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Upcoming events

    • 26/05/2024
    • 2:30 PM - 5:18 PM
    • 43 Rose Street Fitzroy

    STAA is excited to be hosting its 4th practitioner circle, a space where we can gather together to support, to connect and to enhance our professional development skills as a community. 

    Each circle, a new speaker will facilitate, so we can discover new offerings, explore diverse teachings and expand our community connections. Together we can nurture a community of practitioners with our mutual support and inspiration. 

    For our circle in May we welcome Jules and Sam. 

    Jules and Sam will be guiding us through an exploration of informed bodywork with the Wheel of Consent model.  This  experiential circle will invite participants to:

    •    reflect on their experiences of receiving bodywork,
    •    develop skills to track their experiences whilst treating,
    •    create more awareness of the different types of touch,
    •    feel into ways to co-create check in protocols with clients. 

    Jules is a somatic therapist and somatic sex educator based in Naarm. They work with individuals to move through periods of stuckness, process trauma and develop skills in emotional and nervous system regulation. 

    Sam is a somatic sex educator based in Naarm. They teach erotic embodiment classes online, see clients for interactive erotic education and develop courses and workshops in the field of somatic sex education. 

    We look forward to you joining us for the opportunity to connect creatively, to grow, and to take a deep breath in our shared care of others and ourselves.

    • 26/05/2024
    • 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
    • 43 Rose Street Fitzroy

    STAA is excited to be hosting its 4th Practitioner Circle – a space where we gather to connect as a community, to support one another and enhance our professional skills. 

    Each  circle is facilitated by a different speaker, sharing new offerings and diverse teachings and expanding our community connections. Together, we nurture a community of practitioners with mutual support and inspiration. 

    For our circle in May we welcome Ann Hocking. 

    Ann comes to our circle to support us in being conscious, present and aware as we go about our daily lives and work practices.

    Ann graduated from the ASC in 2015 and currently treats in both her home clinic and an integrative clinic. Ann works with compassion and depth, holding a space for each client's needs. She is passionate about self awareness and self care, as life can so easily take over from our being in the moment. 

    Ann holds qualifications in Science, (BSc Chemistry), Astrology (Grad Dip), Tarot, Reiki and  Energy Healing and more recently has studied and worked with the breath, distant healing, and PNI (Psycho Neurological Immunotherapy). She has served on the National Council as a STAA member for the past 7 years. 

    We look forward to you joining us for the opportunity to connect creatively, grow and take a deep breath in our shared care of others and ourselves.

Past events

19/05/2024 STAA Annual General Meeting 2024
25/02/2024 Practitioner Circle #3: Breathwork and your point of difference with Linda Rago
12/11/2023 Practitioner Circle #2: Trauma based body work with Jessica Strachan
01/10/2023 Practitioner Circle #1: Business with Lauren Cosson
20/08/2023 Practitioner Circle Planning Meeting
25/07/2023 Emotions and the 5 Elements
20/07/2023 Respiratory Practices Group Winter Catch Up with Linda Rago
28/05/2023 STAA Annual General Meeting 2023
02/04/2023 VIC Shiatsu community lunch
22/03/2023 Respiratory Practices Group Catch Up with Linda Rago
22/02/2023 Long Distance Healing catch-up with Geraldine Doyle
21/09/2022 Respiratory practices for use in a shiatsu clinic
10/07/2022 The first Jing cycle of our lives
29/05/2022 STAA Annual General Meeting 2022
08/05/2022 Okido Yoga for Mothers Day
23/03/2022 Long Distance Healing and the 5 Elements
27/02/2022 Okido Yoga for Late Summer/Earth Element
08/12/2021 End of year get together for STAA members
28/11/2021 Therapeutic Presence - In person and distance healing
24/10/2021 Healing with Macrobiotics and Shiatsu
20/10/2021 Q&A forum for STAA members
26/09/2021 Okido for Spring - Blossom and grow
29/08/2021 Empowering the lungs
25/07/2021 Okido for Winter
25/06/2021 Sandra's Farewell Zoom Party
18/04/2021 Okido for Autumn
21/03/2021 Victorian shiatsu community swap & learn
14/03/2021 A Therapeutic Understanding of Nerve Glides
24/02/2021 Supervision sessions with Joanne Hafey - Free Q&A/info webinar
07/02/2021 Summer Shiatsu Mini-retreat
17/01/2021 The Feeling of Shiatsu
15/11/2020 Direct moxa for self-care
18/10/2020 Exploring loneliness & how we can use our experience to engage with clients
20/09/2020 Spring Community Workshop & Get-together
16/08/2020 5 Breathing Techniques to offer your clients during COVID
26/07/2020 Long Distance Healing & Shiatsu Therapy - An Overview
29/05/2020 Bringing Power, Joy & Rhythm to the Heart ~ 2020 STAA Conference
24/05/2019 Empower & Engage with Shiatsu ~ 2019 STAA Conference
25/08/2018 Application of mindfulness to shiatsu and your daily life
27/05/2018 STAA Annual General Meeting
15/09/2017 STAA Annual Retreat 2017
28/05/2017 STAA Annual General Meeting
10/09/2016 Breath as a Therapeutic Tool
19/05/2016 Integrating shiatsu into the Australian healthcare system
27/01/2016 Meridians and the Development of Movement with Bill Palmer

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