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shiatsu therapy association of australia

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Past events

25/02/2024 Practitioner Circle #3: Breathwork and your point of difference with Linda Rago
12/11/2023 Practitioner Circle #2: Trauma based body work with Jessica Strachan
01/10/2023 Practitioner Circle #1: Business with Lauren Cosson
20/08/2023 Practitioner Circle Planning Meeting
25/07/2023 Emotions and the 5 Elements
20/07/2023 Respiratory Practices Group Winter Catch Up with Linda Rago
28/05/2023 STAA Annual General Meeting 2023
02/04/2023 VIC Shiatsu community lunch
22/03/2023 Respiratory Practices Group Catch Up with Linda Rago
22/02/2023 Long Distance Healing catch-up with Geraldine Doyle
21/09/2022 Respiratory practices for use in a shiatsu clinic
10/07/2022 The first Jing cycle of our lives
29/05/2022 STAA Annual General Meeting 2022
08/05/2022 Okido Yoga for Mothers Day
23/03/2022 Long Distance Healing and the 5 Elements
27/02/2022 Okido Yoga for Late Summer/Earth Element
08/12/2021 End of year get together for STAA members
28/11/2021 Therapeutic Presence - In person and distance healing
24/10/2021 Healing with Macrobiotics and Shiatsu
20/10/2021 Q&A forum for STAA members
26/09/2021 Okido for Spring - Blossom and grow
29/08/2021 Empowering the lungs
25/07/2021 Okido for Winter
25/06/2021 Sandra's Farewell Zoom Party
18/04/2021 Okido for Autumn
21/03/2021 Victorian shiatsu community swap & learn
14/03/2021 A Therapeutic Understanding of Nerve Glides
24/02/2021 Supervision sessions with Joanne Hafey - Free Q&A/info webinar
07/02/2021 Summer Shiatsu Mini-retreat
17/01/2021 The Feeling of Shiatsu
15/11/2020 Direct moxa for self-care
18/10/2020 Exploring loneliness & how we can use our experience to engage with clients
20/09/2020 Spring Community Workshop & Get-together
16/08/2020 5 Breathing Techniques to offer your clients during COVID
26/07/2020 Long Distance Healing & Shiatsu Therapy - An Overview
29/05/2020 Bringing Power, Joy & Rhythm to the Heart ~ 2020 STAA Conference
24/05/2019 Empower & Engage with Shiatsu ~ 2019 STAA Conference
25/08/2018 Application of mindfulness to shiatsu and your daily life
27/05/2018 STAA Annual General Meeting
15/09/2017 STAA Annual Retreat 2017
28/05/2017 STAA Annual General Meeting
10/09/2016 Breath as a Therapeutic Tool
19/05/2016 Integrating shiatsu into the Australian healthcare system
27/01/2016 Meridians and the Development of Movement with Bill Palmer

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