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Spring Community Workshop & Get-together

  • 20/09/2020
  • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Zoom online


Registration is closed

Diving into simple “cooking and eating according to the current season” can be a great way to refresh our own knowledge and to share with clients.  

Co-Shi-Co runs seasonal workshops to help their community understand what they can do to tune into each season and to live a life more connected to nature - empowering clients to take charge of their own wellbeing and support their shiatsu journey. 

In this workshop, the amazing women of Co-Shi-Co offer shiatsu practitioners the opportunity to connect through cooking and wholefoods, share our collective STAA knowledge, and experience the importance of food and how to communicate this with clients.

A handout will be sent out prior to the workshop with Spring correspondences, Spring recipes and a Spring suited food list for participants to choose a recipe or create their own, to make before the workshop.

During the workshop, we will revise the Spring correspondences, do the LV/GB makko-ho and then share lunch together while discussing Spring lifestyle tips and the recipes we’ve made.

We can all use our TCM food knowledge more to serve our clients so sharing everyone’s experience and sharing food (online) will be inspiring and heart warming.


Armelle Sebbag, Christine Baro and Lucy Snedden founded Co-Shi-Co in 2016 - a community shiatsu clinic based on the cooperative model that offers low-cost shiatsu sessions in a communal setting 'for everyone, every week'.

For the past four years (before COVID restrictions), they have run a community shiatsu clinic at SPAN Community House in Thornbury every Tuesday afternoon.

Introducing innovative ideas to offer shiatsu to people who cannot usually afford to pay for sessions, they expanded into running seasonal workshops combining shiatsu, TCM-based teaching and cooking.

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 0411 273 270
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