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The first Jing cycle of our lives

  • 10/07/2022
  • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom On line


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As we pass through this winter solstice, the depths of winter give us an opportunity to go within, to explore our true selves and the root of our being. 

In this workshop, Joanne will draw on her extensive experience as a Traditional Chinese Medicine and shiatsu practitioner and introduce us to the Ling Shu ( Ling shu jing, is part of a unique and seminal trilogy of ancient Chinese medicine) and the concept of constitutional imbalances. The Ling Shu explores the idea that the constitutional imbalance is considered to be the root (ben) and may give rise to the manifestation of dysfunction (biao) in any of the other Elements. It describes that every person has a fundamental, possibly innate, constitutional imbalance in one of the Elements. 

As we dive into understanding the first Jing (7-8 years) of our lives, we will have the opportunity to illuminate our own constitutional element and to understand how this influences our journey through life.

This workshop will cover:

  • A brief overview of the Jing Cycles over the lifespan
  • An insight into Qi patterns
  • Theory and practical activities for the first Jing
  • Observation of strengths and challenges

Join us for this enriching and reflective workshop as we explore our first Jing cycle, our constitutional imbalances and delve deeper as practitioners and humans. 


                    Joanne Hafey

Joanne Hafey has been a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, teacher, coach and instructor for over 25 years. Her general practice focuses on integrating Eastern and Western medicine with special interest in children, adolescence, family health, acute and chronic mobility restrictions and lifestyle based wellbeing. 

In her clinic and online practices, Joanne integrates shiatsu therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, aromatherapy, yoga, movement prescription and TCM dietary principles. 

Shiatsu Therapy with an emphasis on 5 Phases, has been the foundation and the fuel of Jo’s own and her family’s wellbeing. Joanne has been an active member of STAA for 29 years as a consultant on Shiatsu Education, various focus groups as well as an Editor and contributor to STAA’s journal ‘Pointers.’

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