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shiatsu therapy association of australia

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Practitioner Circle #3: Breathwork and your point of difference with Linda Rago

  • 25/02/2024
  • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • 43 Rose Street Fitzroy


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STAA is excited to be hosting its third practitioner circle, a space where we can gather together to support, to connect and to enhance our professional development skills as a community. 

Each circle, a new speaker will facilitate, so we can discover new offerings, explore diverse teachings and expand our community connections. Together we can nurture a community of practitioners with our mutual support and inspiration. 

For our circle in February we welcome Linda Rago. 

Linda Rago (Qld) is a past President of STAA, holds Italian, Japanese and Australian shiatsu qualifications, a BBusCom and certificates in Oki-do yoga and Reiki. Linda has trained in indigenous-led community facilities, palliative and aged care hospices and has been offering shiatsu treatments in various clinical settings for over 20 years. 

Linda values 'points of difference' and intention in practice. Her professional specialities are respiratory observations, kinesio taping, robust mental attitude, anatomical engineering  and a passion for holistic care. 

In this Sunday circle Linda will lead us through some breathing exercises and explore how to recognise dysfunctional breathing as a clear symptom of disease or habit.  She will then go on to discuss your point of difference and ways you may develop confidence in those unique skills. 

How do you breathe? What's your point of difference when practising?

We look forward to you joining us for the opportunity to connect creatively, to grow, and to take a deep breath in our shared care of others and ourselves.

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