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The federal government has passed legislation to remove natural therapy rebates, including shiatsu, from 1 April 2019.

Health funds do have an option to include natural therapies as an incentive. If you are a shiatsu therapist or a shiatsu client, contact your health fund now to voice your support for keeping health fund benefits for shiatsu.

“Insurers can offer incentives to purchasers of private health insurance as long as the incentives meet the requirements of the Private Health Insurance (Complying Product) Rules. These incentives could include services provided by a natural therapist. It will be up to each insurer to decide whether to offer this type of incentive.” 
Dept of Health website

This is not just about rebates. The review, that the government's decision was based on, is flawed and limited.  There is evidence that shiatsu is safe and effective.  

Sign the Your Health Your Choice petition to register your support for natural therapies and the call for a Senate inquiry into the review.  Stand up for government integrity and your right to choice in healthcare.

Shiatsu clients

Write, email or call your health fund now to voice your support for benefits for shiatsu.

Private health funds listen to what their members want. Let them know.

You are your best body of evidence and you now have the opportunity to reclaim responsibility for your health care.

Sample letter

Health fund contact list

Shiatsu therapists

Encourage your clients -- especially those who have been enjoying rebates -- to contact to their health fund and have their say.

Let them know health funds do have an option to pay incentives, and that their voice can make a difference.

 Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens 
can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.  

Margaret Mead

Our Position & Intent

  We stand together confident in the knowledge that shiatsu is an effective and safe health practice.  STAA is proud to represent shiatsu therapists as we are a highly skilled and dedicated professional group.  We meet our legal, educational, and ethical requirements.  We are caring and holistic and we are accepted and respected by thousands of clients.  We have a place in the Australian healthcare system ... and we are not budging!    

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