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The Ryoho Wellness Podcasts are interviews with the founder of Ryoho, Andzej Gospodarczyk, that cover a wide spectrum of health and wellness topics.

Workshops, courses, Quantum shiatsu, and observed treatment sessions with Cliff Andrews & the team.

Postgraduate shiatsu courses, Diploma and upgrade courses, supervision workshops

Five Element

Acupressure training and seminars with John Kirkwood, website includes articles

Online Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture courses

Articles and DVDs by Sonia Moriceau

Supporting parents and babies, maternity shiatsu, Extraordinary vessels online and in-person courses with Suzanne Yates

Uchi-deshi (live-in student program) - training in shiatsu, aikido, yoga and meditation with Russell and Akhalita Makoto

Videos of Ohashi Method, books and DVDs, courses in US, France and Germany

Breathing therapies, videos, resources, training

Books, DVDs, events and online courses

Live and online classes, and shiatsu resources

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0411 273 270
Tuesdays & Thursdays

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